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Play, Explore,Watch

In the world of Virtual Reality

  • Play multiplayer games!

  • Stream live to screen/projector!

  • View 360 content from the event!

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This is great experience shooter game. With a gun range feel. Shoot'n zombies and targets.. See how it feels to empty a banana clip on an AK-47

Zombies of the Wild West.. Grab your dual 6 shooters for some quick action! This game is for the more experienced gamer.

Grab your WAND and  play as a Magician..

This game has some serious spells!

Harry Potter would be jealous..

Grab your ROD and catch fish from all over the world.

This game scenery is so mesmerizing!

Catch the BIG one today!..

The Matrix vs. Doc Strange

This game defies time and space with stunning gameplay.

The less movement the slower time goes.

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